Stitch Fix: June 2017 Review

My 19th Stitch Fix arrived in the mail on Friday, so I did a little fashion show and enlisted my husband as photographer yesterday afternoon. When I opened the box I was excited to see a variety of colors and patterns inside:

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Stitch Fix: April 2017 Review

Today happens to be my six-week anniversary of moving to Washington, DC, so receiving a box from Stitch Fix felt like a good way to mark the occasion!  🙂  You may remember that my last Fix was a complete bust, but I didn’t let that turn me off.

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Stitch Fix: February 2017 Review

My seventeenth (!) Stitch Fix arrived the other day and made for a very welcome distraction from packing up the apartment for our upcoming move to DC.

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Stitch Fix: November 2016 Review

My latest Stitch Fix arrived this past Saturday—a few days early—to brighten my mood after the dreadful election outcome last week (#ugh #notoverit). This Fix is number sixteen for me; my calculator tells me that means I’ve received 80 items total from Stitch Fix since I first signed up (though I haven’t kept every single piece)!

My box came filled with seasonally appropriate shades, patterns, and textures:

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Stitch Fix: August 2016 Review

It is HOT HOT HOT here in Brooklyn—according to my weather app it currently feels like 106°F outside—and when it’s that hot out I just go NOPE and sit my ass inside, in the AC. Fortunately, my August Stitch Fix box arrived yesterday to help keep me occupied during this self-imposed heat lockdown. This is my fifteenth Fix and it actually arrived almost a week early; I had scheduled it for August 18th but it arrived on the 12th!

Here’s a sneak peek at the goodies my stylist picked out for me this time around:

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Stitch Fix: May 2016 Review

Spring is finally in full swing here in Brooklyn (took ya long enough, Mother Nature!), and my May Stitch Fix arrived last Friday to help outfit me for the warmer weather. My Fix was scheduled for May 17th, but it didn’t even ship until the 18th. They used to ship my Fixes so that I would receive them on or even sometimes before the scheduled date, but more recently they’ve been shipping them later. I asked them about this on Twitter and the response was a canned “The scheduled date is your estimated delivery date.” Maybe they just have so many subscribers now that they can’t keep up with them, which is a good problem for the company to have.

Anyway, here’s a peek at my fourteenth Fix: a nice variety of colors, patterns, and textures!


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Stitch Fix: March 2016 Review

My 13th Stitch Fix arrived today, though I had scheduled it for this past Tuesday, March 22. This Fix didn’t even ship until the 21st, so I got it three days later than I had expected. Not a great start, but I was still excited to crack the box open and see what my stylist picked out for me!

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Stitch Fix Introduces Shoes

Footwear fans take note: you can now get shoes with your Stitch Fix! That’s right—the personal styling subscription service just announced the addition of shoes to their lineup today.


That jeans cuff is flawless!

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Stitch Fix: January 2016 Review

My first Stitch Fix of 2016 makes an even dozen Fixes for me! I can’t believe I’ve already received twelve of these boxes. This fix was supposed to arrive on the 26th but was delayed a day due to lingering post-blizzard delivery issues. Boo, Jonas. Not a big deal, though—the box arrived safe and sound late yesterday afternoon.

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My Top Three Posts of 2015 + Other Stats

I thought it would be interesting (probably only to me) to see what my top three most viewed posts were this year. Right now you’re probably like…


It’s fine, I’m totally cool with being Sam in that gif.

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