Friday Five

1. Manhattan Skyline: my husband I went to Brooklyn earlier this week to attend a belated holiday party and we stayed at a hotel in Williamsburg. Because we were so close to the East River, I strolled over to Bushwick Inlet Park to take in the skyline across the river—a view that just never gets old.

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Friday Five

1. Brooklyn Bridge: last weekend my husband and I returned to NYC for a few nights—it was my first time back there since we moved to DC in February! We stayed at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, which is so close to the pedestrian entrance to the bridge that I couldn’t NOT walk over it. Amazingly, I only walked the Brooklyn Bridge once in the fifteen years I lived in NYC, so I made it a point to do so again as a visitor. I went to the bridge this past Monday afternoon, and though it was a little chilly and overcast it was still a wonderful, quintessentially New York thing to do, and I enjoyed my stroll very much.
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San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Recap

I’m pleased to report that I returned from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con feeling much happier than I did last year! The 2016 con was pretty rough for me, and by the end of it I felt like I didn’t know how many more of these I could take. Fortunately 2017 turned out to be way better, even though the exhibit hall mostly looked like this:


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San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Bingo

I can’t believe Comic-Con 2017 is already upon us—it begins this Thursday! As I mentioned, this will be my ninth consecutive year (check out my updated SDCC tips for newbies if you haven’t already seen them). As with the last couple of years, I put together a bingo game for my group of friends to play as we experience the sights, sounds, butt cracks, and—yes—smells of the con.

There’s no *actual* prize for getting bingo, but it certainly bestows bragging rights upon you. If you’re going with a group, feel free to offer a prize for the winner within your own group of Comic-Con buddies!

Mark the squares off as you spot them, and when you get bingo feel free to take a pic and post to Instagram and/or Twitter and tag it: #SDCCBingo

Download Comic-Con 2017 Bingo

Have a great time at #SDCC2017, nerds!  🙂

This bingo game is in no way affiliated with San Diego Comic-Con or the San Diego Convention Center. I’m just a nerd looking to have a little fun with other nerds.   

Tips for 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Newbies


San Diego Comic-Con 2017 begins next week, and it will be my NINTH consecutive year! Needless to say,  I’ve learned a lot about how SDCC works and have picked up many tips and tricks along the way. The internet is filled with SDCC survival guides, packing tips, and other advice, but I’d like to add some of my own tips as well as things you can expect if you’re attending SDCC for the first time. Apologies for the lengthy post—I have a lot to say!


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Friday Five

1. National Aquarium: on Memorial Day my husband and I got up and decided to take a spontaneous mini road trip to Baltimore to visit the aquarium. (Having a car makes it so easy to do stuff like this!) Baltimore is a quick 45-minute drive from DC so it’s a great little day trip. The aquarium was a little pricey ($39.59 for adults) but it was awesome! It’s really well laid out and the exhibits are very nice. We managed to see every exhibit in the place, but I think the jellyfish were my favorite. I always enjoy seeing sharks and turtles , too. And the rainforest exhibit! They have tamarins, sloths, and birds just hanging out in there! You can see more of my aquarium pics in my Instagram slide show.

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Virginia Getaway: Salamander Resort & Spa

Yesterday, my husband and I returned from a three-night getaway at the lovely Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, Virginia…and I already miss it. My husband will be super swamped with work soon so he wanted to do a mini vacation while he had the chance! We initially considered going somewhere tropical like Puerto Rico, but we dialed it back and chose a place located just an hour and ten minute drive from DC.

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Friday Five

1. US Capitol: we went down to DC for a few days this week (so we could get our new apartment keys!!). My husband had meetings on Monday and it was a beautiful day out, so I took a walk from the Navy Yard up to the Capitol. Despite everything that’s going on with the dumpster of deplorables administration, the buildings and monuments in our nation’s capitol remain an admirable sight to behold.


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Friday Five

1. Bullet Journal Stamps: immediately after reading this blog post, I ordered this acrylic stamp set from Amazon, along with a set of ColorBox Cat’s Eye ink pads. I’ve never used stamps like this before and didn’t realize that you really should use them with acrylic stamp mounts, so I also ordered a set of those and they just arrived last night. I cannot wait to have fun with these in my Bullet Journal!*

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Friday Five: Best of 2016

For my final Friday Five in a year I think we’re all ready to set afloat and shoot a flaming arrow at, I’m going to retain a bit of positivity and list five of my favorite things from 2016.

1. Our Los Angeles Vacation: we had some lovely times traveling in the LA and Palm Springs area early this year. We stayed in Hermosa Beach, fed lorikeets at the aquarium in Long Beach, enjoyed stunning vistas in Palos Verdes and Abalone Cove Shoreline Park, and had some fun times with friends and family. We also managed some quality relaxation time by the pool in Palm Desert and visited Joshua Tree National Park (the first of three national parks we went to this year!). If I had to pick a favorite part of this trip, I think I’d say Joshua Tree. National parks are a precious thing and it’s always special to visit them.

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