Virginia Getaway: Salamander Resort & Spa

Yesterday, my husband and I returned from a three-night getaway at the lovely Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, Virginia…and I already miss it. My husband will be super swamped with work soon so he wanted to do a mini vacation while he had the chance! We initially considered going somewhere tropical like Puerto Rico, but we dialed it back and chose a place located just an hour and ten minute drive from DC.

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Friday Five

1. US Capitol: we went down to DC for a few days this week (so we could get our new apartment keys!!). My husband had meetings on Monday and it was a beautiful day out, so I took a walk from the Navy Yard up to the Capitol. Despite everything that’s going on with the dumpster of deplorables administration, the buildings and monuments in our nation’s capitol remain an admirable sight to behold.


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Friday Five

1. Bullet Journal Stamps: immediately after reading this blog post, I ordered this acrylic stamp set from Amazon, along with a set of ColorBox Cat’s Eye ink pads. I’ve never used stamps like this before and didn’t realize that you really should use them with acrylic stamp mounts, so I also ordered a set of those and they just arrived last night. I cannot wait to have fun with these in my Bullet Journal!*

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Friday Five: Best of 2016

For my final Friday Five in a year I think we’re all ready to set afloat and shoot a flaming arrow at, I’m going to retain a bit of positivity and list five of my favorite things from 2016.

1. Our Los Angeles Vacation: we had some lovely times traveling in the LA and Palm Springs area early this year. We stayed in Hermosa Beach, fed lorikeets at the aquarium in Long Beach, enjoyed stunning vistas in Palos Verdes and Abalone Cove Shoreline Park, and had some fun times with friends and family. We also managed some quality relaxation time by the pool in Palm Desert and visited Joshua Tree National Park (the first of three national parks we went to this year!). If I had to pick a favorite part of this trip, I think I’d say Joshua Tree. National parks are a precious thing and it’s always special to visit them.

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Friday Five

1. Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System: this was an early Hanukkah gift from my mom. I’d been thinking about getting one of these coffee bar thingies and had looked a little bit at Nespresso machines. Then over Thanksgiving I saw an ad (starring Sofia Vergara…seriously, what won’t she do ads for?) for this gadget and it looked pretty awesome. On Cyber Monday, Target’s website had it on sale, so I alerted my mom and my gift arrived a few days later. And I LOVE IT. I now make my own Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Flat Whites, and Cappuccinos, as well as tasty regular coffee, right in my own kitchen. It’s fairly compact and easy to use, and I really appreciate that it uses a regular basket filter instead of pods.

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Friday Five: Thanksgiving Edition

Greetings from St. Louis! This week’s Friday Five is all about our lovely Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house yesterday.

1. Beautiful Centerpiece: my mom picked out this colorful, cheery centerpiece for the dinner table.

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Friday Five

1. Vampire Kitten Nail Stickers: I bought these back in July at Comic-Con, and I’m so glad that I remembered to put them on near Halloween. They glow in the dark, so they’re extra fun! The wraps are made by Espionage Cosmetics, and while they don’t seem to offer this specific set anymore they do offer a ton of other nerdy nail wraps, which you can browse the on their website here (I think I NEED these Aurora Borealis wraps in my life!).

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Wyoming and Colorado Vacation Recap, Part 3

As promised, this is my third and final recap from our recent vacation! In case you missed them, here are links to part one and part two. (Also, I’m cheating and making this my #tbt for the week.)

We went straight from our drive through Rocky Mountain National Park to our bed and breakfast, Romantic Riversong, which was located (duh) by a river at the end of a rocky road. We were treated to coffee and cookies in the main house while we checked in, and then the innkeeper showed us to our suite, Cowboy’s Delight:

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Wyoming and Colorado Vacation, Part 2

I originally planned to split our vacation recap into two blog posts, but I’ve decided to turn it into three because after five wonderful nights in Jackson Hole, we spent three days moseying our way on down to Estes Park, Colorado so there’s plenty to talk about. We could have done the drive in one day, but we decided to split it up, take our time, and see some sights along the way.

We started off on a foggy morning in Teton Village and headed south through Wyoming. We drove out of the fog and into a lot of ranch land that looked like this:


So many cows.

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Wyoming and Colorado Vacation Recap: Part 1


Teton Village, Wyo.

As per usual, I took hundreds of photos on our vacation and had to spend some time culling them down to the best of the best so that I could share them here in a recap! Because we went away for two weeks and I have a lot to talk about, I’ve decided to split my vacation recap into two parts: one for our time in Wyoming and one for our time in Colorado. Don’t get me wrong; these will still be long posts, but I hope you enjoy!

We began our trip by flying from LaGuardia to Denver and then from Denver to Jackson, Wyoming. We rented a Lincoln SUV, which we promptly dubbed Andrew Abraham Lincoln, and headed on over to our hotel in Teton Village, about a 30 minute drive from the airport. The drive took us right on through Grand Teton National Park. Even though it was mid-September, neither of us had expected to see leaves turning colors, but there they were: bright yellow aspens!

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