Wyoming and Colorado Vacation Recap, Part 3

As promised, this is my third and final recap from our recent vacation! In case you missed them, here are links to part one and part two. (Also, I’m cheating and making this my #tbt for the week.)

We went straight from our drive through Rocky Mountain National Park to our bed and breakfast, Romantic Riversong, which was located (duh) by a river at the end of a rocky road. We were treated to coffee and cookies in the main house while we checked in, and then the innkeeper showed us to our suite, Cowboy’s Delight:

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#tbt to Grand Teton National Park

Is two weeks too soon to do a Throwback Thursday? Nah!

Now that I’ve had a few days after vacation to settle back into real life, I’m able to go back through my photos for wonderful memories! This week I’m throwing back to our first hike of the trip: a hike to Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park that had amazing views of the mountain range.


The weather was absolutely perfect for a hike—sunny, clear, and warm but not too warm. As you can see I had to strip my shell off, but I didn’t need to take any additional layers off beyond that.

Stay tuned for a vacation recap coming soon…

#tbt to College

The fact that I started college 20 years ago is still on my mind, so this week’s Throwback Thursday is another photo from my freshman year. It’s not the most flattering pic, but it cracks me up:


The photo was taken after winter break, right when I was beginning to undergo sorority rush. I went into college without any thoughts about whether I would join a sorority or not, and by the time rush came around I figured I would at least give it a shot. So I went through a couple rounds of rush and I absolutely hated the process. Ultimately I made the choice to drop out of rush because I found the whole thing to be superficial, incredibly annoying, and not something I could see myself enjoying participating in from the sorority side of things. This photo pretty much encapsulates my attitude about the whole thing: crazy and silly. I know plenty of people who pledged sororities and liked their experience with them, but I very quickly realized that it just wasn’t for me.

#tbt to Freshman Year of College

I recently realized that I left home for college TWENTY YEARS ago. Even though I attended my twenty year high school reunion this past spring, the thought still blows my mind. So this week’s Throwback Thursday is a photo of me from my freshman dorm complex’s semiformal dance in October of 1996.


I didn’t bring any semiformal wear to college with me because I didn’t anticipate any events of that sort. I could have had my mom mail me one of my high school prom dresses but instead I chose to wear this terrible shiny white blouse with a short black corduroy skirt that had large buttons down the front. Ah, the Nineties! I’m pretty sure I was the only girl at the semiformal who wasn’t wearing a dress, but I managed to give zero fucks about it.   🙂

#tbt to West Virginia

This week’s Throwback Thursday is another photo from a family visit to my grandparents in West Virginia when I was a toddler (and an only child, for the moment).

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#tbt to the 90’s

This week’s Throwback Thursday is a very 90’s pic of me, I believe from freshman year of college:


I’m wearing such a mildly club kid-meets-sorority girl outfit! That striped top would have looked right at home with super wide leg jeans and tiny butterfly clips in my hair, but instead I paired it with those boot leg black pants that became so trendy when I was a freshman in college. This was also back in the day when I wore a ton of rings (which I sort of love and want to do again!). Ah, college.  🙂

#tbt to SDCC 2016

Okay, I’m actually not over this year’s Comic-Con yet…so this week’s Throwback Thursday is a pic that reminds me of three of my favorite things: Comic-Con, turtles, and Pokemon Go.


My husband took this screenshot of a Pokemon Go Squirtle trying to escape his PokeBall by taking a flying leap up from my hand. This pic was taken in our room at the Hilton Bayfront on the extra day we tacked on to our trip due to a seriously delayed flight home. We were both wearing the turtle tees that John had bought us to wear to SDCC next year, so it was only fitting for me to pose with the Squirtle that appeared in our room. I may not have known anything about Pokemon before I downloaded the ridiculously popular app, but Squirtle quickly became one of my favorite little monsters.   🙂

#tbt to SDCC 2016

Is it too soon to do a Throwback Thursday to Comic-Con 2016? I think not. We only returned from this year’s nerd vacation on Tuesday night and I haven’t done my recap blog post yet so SDCC is still occupying large portions of my brain space. So this week’s #tbt is an echo of last week’s: a pic from when I picked up my official SDCC WB con bag and received my first choice, Supernatural!


In case you are unfamiliar with these bags, they’re a big deal at SDCC; each year, Warner Bros produces a whole mess of bags featuring designs from the TV shows they’re promoting. These bags are given out to every Comic-Con attendee randomly so you don’t get to choose which one you get—and there are always people waiting around near the bag handout area who want to trade for the bag they really want. No joke, within a minute of receiving this bag, two people approached me and asked me if I wanted to trade. Sorry, guys, this one’s MINE.   🙂

#tbt to SDCC 2015

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 starts TODAY! So in honor of my favorite four days of the year, this week’s Throwback Thursday is a pic of me after randomly receiving the Supernatural WB con bag, which was my top choice!


You have no idea how happy that made me. Someone immediately asked me if I wanted to trade my bag, but obviously I said no.   🙂

#tbt to Heiman Family Time

This week I picked out a very cute, happy family photo for Throwback Thursday:

IMG_2464That’s my dad holding me (I’m probably about two), and then my aunt is in the red top. My grandmother (“Oma”) is on the left, and my grandfather (“Opa”) is on the right. Judging from the pile of presents on the floor, I’m guessing this was my birthday. Oh, and you can see that I’m clutching my Herry Monster. I was so super attached to him!