Stitch Fix: December 2017 Review

Happy holidays to me: my 21st Stitch Fix arrived on Friday evening! I couldn’t take photos on Saturday because we got our first snow of the season that day and the light in the apartment was too dreary. I enlisted my husband to photograph me on Sunday, so he gets photo credit.  🙂

You may remember that my last Stitch Fix was a bust, but the colors in my stack of clothing were promising this time: some jewel tones, a metallic, and a floral print!

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Rent the Runway: Marchesa Notte Green Lace Cocktail Dress

I haven’t had many occasions to use Rent the Runway lately, but I attended an event last Friday that was the perfect excuse to get all gussied up in a designer dress! As per usual I spent way too much time browsing Rent the Runway’s website, trying to find the ideal dress for the party—a mock wedding (I can’t really say any more than that).

After mulling over a ton of options, I decided to rent this gorgeous Marchesa Notte Green Lace Cocktail Dress:

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Stitch Fix: September 2017 Review

Can you believe I received my 20th Stitch Fix this week?! I sure can’t! Prior to this Fix, I reviewed my style profile and made a few tweaks to make sure it best reflected my current preferences, especially since they recently added some premium designers to their offerings! I didn’t receive any pieces by the luxe designers in this Fix, but to be fair, I did check the box in my profile that says “mostly non-Luxe/occasional Luxe item.”

My stack of clothing this month was quite colorful!

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Stitch Fix: June 2017 Review

My 19th Stitch Fix arrived in the mail on Friday, so I did a little fashion show and enlisted my husband as photographer yesterday afternoon. When I opened the box I was excited to see a variety of colors and patterns inside:

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Friday Five

1. Kogod Courtyard: last Saturday my husband and I did a date night downtown. We started off by visiting the National Portrait Gallery, then had a drink at Dirty Habit and dinner at The Smith (both of which were great, BTW). The museum was wonderful and I want to go back to explore more, but my favorite part was this unbelievable courtyard topped with a wavy glass and steel ceiling! The room reminded me of the DUC (Dobbs University Center) at Emory, which is a building constructed around a historic building at the center of campus. This beautiful courtyard had a very peaceful vibe…I must return.

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Stitch Fix: April 2017 Review

Today happens to be my six-week anniversary of moving to Washington, DC, so receiving a box from Stitch Fix felt like a good way to mark the occasion!  🙂  You may remember that my last Fix was a complete bust, but I didn’t let that turn me off.

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Stitch Fix: February 2017 Review

My seventeenth (!) Stitch Fix arrived the other day and made for a very welcome distraction from packing up the apartment for our upcoming move to DC.

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Friday Five

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled that 2016 has been laid to rest and am ready to get this year rolling. The sooner we can get Trump in AND OUT of office, the better.   🙂

1. Stella & Dot Icon Convertible Watch: I actually ordered this watch more than a month ago but completely failed to post about it. I had been wanting to get a watch for quite some time, and when I saw that Stella & Dot was offering this one at a deeply discounted price—$49 instead of the usual $148—I had to have it. (This watch is currently on sale for $88.80, still good deal.) And I love it! It comes with a gold and a silver bezel for the face plate so you can switch it out depending on your mood. Cute!

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Stitch Fix: November 2016 Review

My latest Stitch Fix arrived this past Saturday—a few days early—to brighten my mood after the dreadful election outcome last week (#ugh #notoverit). This Fix is number sixteen for me; my calculator tells me that means I’ve received 80 items total from Stitch Fix since I first signed up (though I haven’t kept every single piece)!

My box came filled with seasonally appropriate shades, patterns, and textures:

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Rent the Runway: Nicole Miller Black Venice Dress


I attended a wedding in Williamsburg last weekend and decided to rent another dress from Rent the Runway for the occasion rather than buying something new or wearing something old from my closet. After spending many hours browsing RTR’s website (which is enjoyable in and of itself!) for the perfect dress, I settled on the Nicole Miller Black Venice Dress, a beautiful lace piece with cutouts.

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