Friday Five

1. HALLOWEEN CANDY: I mean, is there really any explanation needed?! I spotted these in the checkout line at Michaels a few weeks ago while shopping for cross stitch supplies, and they basically jumped into my basket on their own. I’ve managed not to eat them thus far, but that’s not gonna be the case for much longer. I can’t wait to eat some brains and eyeballs!

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Whole Foods Body Care Sale: My Haul

Yesterday I went shopping at my local Whole Foods and discovered they were having a 25% off sale on all body care products. So I picked up a few things and decided I should go back to stock up before the sale ended (I know, I’m such a sucker). I figured I might as well share my haul here!


Yeah, I really went to town this morning.

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Friday Five

1. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: that’s right, we got a car!! DC is a lot more car-friendly than NYC, and we want the ability to easily explore outside the city on weekends. So last week we signed a lease on this brand new silver RAV4 hybrid! I haven’t had a car in more than fifteen years, so this is nerve-racking but also exciting. I very rarely drove in NYC and am I’m still freaked out about driving around a dense city by myself, but I’ll get used to it in time.

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A Green Beauty Look

Because I’ve recently acquired some organic makeup goodies, including Vapour Organic Beauty samples and Birchbox’s Limited Edition New Naturals box, I decided to challenge myself to do a green beauty look for date night with my husband this past Saturday. I did actually turn out to have just about everything I needed to create a full face using natural makeup!

Here are the products I used:


Clockwise from top left: Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Creme Highlighter Stick;, Au Naturale Creme Shadow; Au Naturale sampler; tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes; ILIA Beauty Lip Gloss; rms beauty living luminizer; Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer; Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation; and Vapour Stratus Instant Skin Perfector. Not pictured: Maybelline Clear Great Lash Mascara

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Birchbox: Limited Edition New Naturals Box

Over the past year I’ve been making a concerted effort to clean up my beauty and skin care routine. While I’m not even close to phasing out all products containing potentially toxic ingredients, I’m now much more conscious about researching prior to buying. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database is essential to my own research. I highly recommend you download their free Healthy Living app on your phone—it allows you to scan bar codes while shopping to find out how the products are rated.

When I learned that Birchbox had released a limited edition New Naturals box containing mostly full sized ingredient conscious products, I just had to have it in my hot little hands.

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Friday Five

1. Evolution Salt Co. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp: I’ve been wanting to get one of these babies for some time now, and when I saw that Thrive Market sells them for 33-40% off I knew it was time. When I first signed up for Thrive Market they were unfortunately out of stock, but they recently came back in stock so I ordered the “natural” shape for $19.95! When heated, Himalayan crystal salt is supposed to help cleanse the air and neutralize things like dust, pollen, and mold. I admit that I haven’t done enough research to fully understand the science behind this yet, but aside from that I simply think this lamp is beautiful. I mean…just look at that gorgeous glow. I might even have feelings for the lamp (sorry, John). Like Brick Tamland, I Love Lamp.

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Green Makeup Find: Vapour Organic Beauty

I believe I first heard of Vapour Organic Beauty on Grimm actress Claire Coffee‘s blog, Full Disclothesure (which I recommend, BTW—she doesn’t post often, but her posts are well written and funny, and it’s nice to see a celebrity writing her own stuff and being so down-to-earth about it). Claire had high praise for Vapour’s foundation and primer, which piqued my interest, as I had started (slowly but surely) trying to green my beauty and skin care routine. According to the brand’s website their products are 100% natural, containing 70% organic ingredients and 30% mineral pigments and essential oils. The products are also cruelty free, so no bun-buns are harmed in the process.

Image credit:

Image credit:

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Friday Five

1. Sheet Mask Extravaganza! I signed up for Korean beauty website Memebox‘s mailing list a few weeks back, and while I had added some sheet masks to my cart I hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. Then while I was on vacation I received an email from Memebox with a 35% off “spirit animal” discount code on sheet masks…clearly a sign that I should stock up on these goodies. I ordered five masks (four of which have animal faces printed right on the cloth, which is going to be weird and OH SO FUN) and spent a total of $9.15 including shipping. Yep, that’s five sheet masks for less than $10!!

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Thrive Market: Making Healthy Living Affordable + Accessible

I follow a few celebrities on Instagram (who doesn’t?). Some time ago I saw Ian Somerhalder post about a website called Thrive Market, but it didn’t fully register with me because it appeared to be a brick and mortar location in Los Angeles, and I live in Brooklyn. Then Olivia Wilde posted about Thrive Market more recently, and my ears perked up. I started doing some research on Thrive Market, and my conclusion was that it’s brilliant.

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Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

EarthDayEarth Day is next Wednesday, April 22, and you don’t have to be a schoolkid to observe this new-ish holiday, which officially began in 1970. In my mind, every day should be Earth Day, but it doesn’t hurt to have an annual reminder that we all can and should do more to help protect our planet.

Below are some of my favorite simple ways to celebrate Earth Day every day.

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