Friday Five

1. Sackler Gallery and National Museum of African Art: I’ve made it my mission to visit all of the Smithsonian museums in DC, so this week I hit up these two small art museums. They’re conveniently connected by an underground tunnel, which I didn’t realize until I reached the bottom floor of the Sackler. Along with the currently-closed-for-renovations Freer Gallery, the Sackler is a Smithsonian museum of Asian art; one of the reasons I made it the next stop on my Smithsonian tour is that it too is closing for renovations on July 10th (it’ll re-open this October). The current collections on display are fairly small at both the Sackler and the African Art  Museum, but the art is beautiful and the buildings are also pretty cool. The Inventing Utamaro exhibit at the Sackler had some especially amazing pieces—photos aren’t allowed, so you’ve got to go see it for yourself!

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Friday Five

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled that 2016 has been laid to rest and am ready to get this year rolling. The sooner we can get Trump in AND OUT of office, the better.   🙂

1. Stella & Dot Icon Convertible Watch: I actually ordered this watch more than a month ago but completely failed to post about it. I had been wanting to get a watch for quite some time, and when I saw that Stella & Dot was offering this one at a deeply discounted price—$49 instead of the usual $148—I had to have it. (This watch is currently on sale for $88.80, still good deal.) And I love it! It comes with a gold and a silver bezel for the face plate so you can switch it out depending on your mood. Cute!

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Friday Five

1. Stranger Things: I binge-watched this new Netflix show on my own in two days this week and have already begun re-watching it, with my husband this time. I could go on about this show all day, but instead I’ll simply say that if you grew up in the 80s, this show is a must-watch; it’s basically a love letter to all the things so many of us enjoyed as kids. #DustinIsTheNewChunk

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#tbt to When I Was Totally Into Book Series

Today’s Throwback Thursday demonstrates what a good little book nerd I was as a kid. I’m guessing this photo was taken in sixth or seventh grade. It appears to have been taken in a hotel room, so my family was probably on vacation.

IMG_2481 (1)

I’m posing with Sweet Valley Twins #32: Jessica On Stage, The Fabulous Five #12: Katie’s Dating Tips, and Sweet Valley High #58: Brokenhearted. I had actually totally forgotten about The Fabulous Five series until I saw this photo. I LOVED these and other book series (Babysitters Club! Satin Slippers!) and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new ones as they were released. Clearly I had a fun time reading while on this vacation, wherever it was. I wish we still had my huge book series collection at my parents’ house, but they are all long gone, donated to charity. I hope some other kids got to enjoy these books as much as I did!

My 38th Birthday: So Far, So Good!

I turned 38 this past Monday, June 13, and I’ve had a wonderful time celebrating. My husband and I kicked off the festivities on Saturday night—we did an early birthday celebration together because he had to work on the night of my actual birthday. He surprised me by making dinner reservations at Beetle House, the new Beetlejuice/Tim Burton-inspired restaurant in the East Village! Beetlejuice is one of my all-time favorite movies and I’d been wanting to check the place out. We got verrry mildly goth’d out for the evening, by which I mean we wore black and I did a smoky eye look. Okay, totally not goth.   😛

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Friday (the 13th) Five

1. Broad City: I know, I’m late to the party as usual (which is ironic, because IRL I’m literally—in the proper, non-millennial use of the term—always early) because this show is now in season three. I was in need of some laughs this week so I started watching this show on Hulu Plus and blew through the first season in two days, then started season two. I can’t find a clip online of this hilarious scene from the season two premiere so an image will have to do, but it cracked me up so much when Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Male Stacy (Seth Rogen) scream at a kitten who found its way into Abbi’s room. That kitten has some mad acting skills.


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Friday Five

1. Zoo Cat Real Mask: yep, it’s time for another edition of “my husband hates these so much!” (For the record, my Resting Sheet Mask FaceTM is what disturbs him more than the masks themselves.) This is my first foray into sheet masks that look like things other than straight up Hannibal Lecter, and because I’m a Certified Cat Lady I started with this cat mask. This one is from my Memebox sheet mask haul a couple months back and it cost me just $1.95 because of a sale the site was running. So creepy/fun!

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Friday Five

1. The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks: back in October I bought the second book in the original Shannara trilogy, thinking it was the first due to the confusing “Book One” text on the redesigned MTV edition. Turns out The Sword of Shannara is actually the author’s debut novel and the first in the trilogy, so I bought a copy and have been reading it for the past couple weeks. It was a little slow going at first and man, I would copy edit the shit out of the overused passive voice, but the story has picked up. MTV’s show just premiered this week and I’m curious to watch it (hello, Manu Bennett!), especially now that I’ve begun reading the series.


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Friday Five

Happy New Year! I’ll kick off 2016 with my first Friday Five of the year.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: my husband and I saw this box office record-breaker at a theater in Connecticut on Christmas Day while we were on our mini getaway…and I loved every second of it! (Zero spoilers ahead.) We saw it in 3-D, and by pre-purchasing reserved seats we also unintentionally bought tickets for D-Box, which are “immersive” theater seats that tilt, bump, shake, and vibrate in concert with the film action. I’d never heard of these seats before* and at first I thought all the motion would be annoying, but I got used to it quickly and it turned out to be fun. My husband and I both managed to completely avoid spoilers and I think doing so enhanced our enjoyment of the film. Now I totally want to see it again! Also? John Boyega is the best.

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Friday Five

1. Brooklyn Orchids 2016 Calendar: for the past few years I’ve created 12-month calendars to sell on Zazzle, using photos I took of orchids that year. I don’t sell many, but I always buy one for myself and one for my husband, and I figure some of my orchid blog readers might be interested. My calendar arrived this week, and for the cover I chose to feature a Western Fairy Slipper Orchid, the first native orchid I ever saw in the wild! If you’re at all interested in orchids or know someone who is, this would make a great holiday gift. BTW, Zazzle has discount codes just about every day this month so be sure to look for them on their website before placing your order!

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