Play! by Sephora: May 2018

Celebrating Two Years of Play! by Sephora

My May Play! by Sephora box arrived the day before I headed to NYC for a weekend with girlfriends so as soon as the box arrived I slapped on some makeup and filmed an unboxing video. Before I get into my full May 2018 Play by Sephora review, take a gander at my first impressions:

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Friday Five

Nerdiness, Mother Nature, and more

1. Funko Pop Movie Moments – Pennywise in Gutter: John was out of town last weekend and when he returned he surprised me with this amazing toy tableau from It! I hadn’t realized the brand was doing these little scenes. The detail on this thing is impeccable—the little paper boat says “SS Georgie” on it! We now have two Pennywises in our apartment…that may officially make us creeps.  😛

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Another Haul: Whole Foods Body Care Sale

So Haul-Heavy These Days

Whole Foods occasionally holds an impossible-to-resist 25% off body care sale. This past Saturday I remembered that the sale was in progress, so I hightailed it on over to my local store.

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Shelfie Time: My Skin Care, Makeup, and Shower Organization

Sharing My Beauty Product Storage Spaces

It’s always fun to peek inside beauty bloggers’ medicine cabinets and gawk at their skin care collections. So I thought I’d share mine here, along with pics of my makeup “workstation” (AKA our second bathroom) and the products I use in the shower.

The inside of our medicine cabinet, revealed:

If I got Lasik I could free up some space in the cabinet for more stuff…. 😛

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Friday Five

Geeking Out This Week

1. Avengers: Infinity War: I won’t spoil a thing in case you’re one of the few people around the world who hasn’t seen this movie yet. People have a lot of opinions and feelings about Infinity War, seemingly more so than the usual Marvel movie. I’ll simply say I thought it was tons of fun!

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A “We Missed You” ColourPop Haul

Trying Some New-to-Me ColourPop Makeup

Last week, ColourPop sent me an “it’s been awhile, here’s a 20% off discount code” email. I was basically powerless in the face of such a deal (mind you, this happened the day BEFORE the Tarte custom kit sale, so my wallet took a hit last week). I browsed through so much fun stuff on ColourPop’s website before ordering seven products:

Adorable packaging, as always.

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My Tarte Custom Makeup Bag Is Here!

So many makeup goodies for $63!

I could not believe it when my Tarte custom makeup bag arrived on Saturday. I placed my order on Thursday, and it felt like they shot my order out of a cannon directly at my building! Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone made a beauty product gun, like one of those t-shirt guns at sporting events? That’s the kind of gun I could get behind.

No mermaids were harmed in the production of this makeup bag.

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Today Only: Tarte’s $63 Custom Makeup Bag Sale!

Possibly One of the Best Beauty Deals of the Year

Major sale alert, beauty geeks! Tarte is holding their custom kit sale today only on This post is not an ad…I’m just really excited about the deal and thought my readers might like to know about it!

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April Empties

A Ton of Empties—For Me

Happy May, everyone! In March I wasn’t sure if I would end up with enough empties to warrant writing a post about them (I did). This time around, though, I have approximately one shit ton of empties to write about!

April Empty Beauty Products

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Lipstick Comparison: Glossier Generation G vs. ColourPop Blotted Lip

Generation G // Blotted Lip Smackdown

I’ve been meaning to write this post for months but am just now getting around to it! You may recall that I bought a ColourPop Blotted Lip in my first (and so far, only) ColourPop haul. I also bought a Glossier Generation G lipstick last year, and seeing as how both lipstick lines are meant to give a blotted look, I thought I would compare the two products here.

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