Friday Five

I’m doing something a little different for my Friday Five this week. Literally all the blogs are filled with “best of” and “top 10” lists of the year, and because I’m such a TV nerd, I’m going to add one more to the fray. There’s only so much TV a girl can watch in this era of Peak TV so I’ve definitely missed out on some great shows, but here’s a list of my five favorite TV shows in 2016. Spoilers ahead….

1. Game of Thrones: still killing it (literally). Jon Snow lives! (did anyone really think he was dead?)… “hold the door!” …Lyanna Mormont…goodbye, King’s Landing denizens…Jon Snow’s parentage revealed!…that amazing season finale that I couldn’t stop thinking about. MORE NOW PLZ.


2. Westworld: you know how I feel about this one.


3. Stranger Things: this show spawned my new favorite character (All Hail King Dustin) and TV moment of the year (“Mike, I found the chocolate pudding!!!”). This show makes the list for the nostalgia factor alone, but the story and characters are also completely worth watching.


4. Broad City: I only started watching this show this year, but I’m counting it because the most recent season, its third, did actually air in 2016. I began watching it when life made it difficult to watch my usual dark material and I desperately needed some laughs. And boy (or, should I say girl?), did these ladies deliver.


5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: speaking of laughs, UKS is a nonstop giggle machine. The jokes fly fast and furious in this show and it’s almost hard to hear the next joke when you’re still laughing at the last one. Titus Andromedon remains one of my favorite TV characters in recent memory (also see: Puppet Grandma).


Honorable Mention: Supernatural. The show premiered its TWELFTH season this fall and is still going strong. In fact, I’d argue that season eleven was one of the better ones since the show hit its half decade mark. An entire episode filmed from the perspective of Dean’s Impala? Amazing. And that season’s finale moment…”Mom?” still gives me chills.


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