Rent the Runway: Nicole Miller Black Venice Dress


I attended a wedding in Williamsburg last weekend and decided to rent another dress from Rent the Runway for the occasion rather than buying something new or wearing something old from my closet. After spending many hours browsing RTR’s website (which is enjoyable in and of itself!) for the perfect dress, I settled on the Nicole Miller Black Venice Dress, a beautiful lace piece with cutouts.


My main stipulations for a dress for the occasion were:

  • Dressy, but not black tie-fancy
  • Trendy and a little sexy, but not overly attention-getting
  • Dark colors, no  flower prints—seeing as how the wedding was in mid-September, I didn’t want anything too summery
  • Something I could comfortably dance in
  • Under $100 total (rental, shipping, tax, etc)

As I browsed through tons and tons of dresses I kept finding myself being drawn to ones in varying shades of blue. The last couple pieces I’ve rented from the RTR have been blue, so I initially tried to resist the color’s pull but I ended up settling on this gorgeous Nicole Miller dress in a black floral lace over a cobalt sheath. I had been interested in trying a dress with cutouts for a while, but was worried that they wouldn’t look good on me. I finally decided to go for it, and I’m so happy that I did; the cutouts gave that subtly sexy touch without showing too much skin.

Here’s a photo that shows the lace detail and the blue color a little better:


The cutouts lead around to an open section across the middle of the back, but I completely forgot to get a photo from the back while I was wearing the dress. So I grabbed this photo from RTR’s website so you can see what I’m talking about here:


The skirt’s hem was pretty tight—when I stepped into a car to head out to the wedding I thought the hem might rip (it didn’t). But the dress wasn’t too tight to dance in, and I really liked the length because it wasn’t too short when I sat down. The lace did chafe around the arm holes slightly by the end of the night, but not nearly enough to be a dealbreaker. For reference, I’m 5’8″ and wore a size 6 (RTR allows you to get a second size for free as a backup, so I also got a size 8 but the 6 worked very well on me).

Now let’s talk cost. The dress is $465 retail but only costs $50 to rent. RTR charges a $5 insurance fee that covers any damage you might incur, plus tax (mine was $5.76) and $9.95 shipping. So the grand total for me to rent this dress was $70.71, well under the $100 total budget I had set for myself. 100% WORTH IT!

The dress was very high quality and I received so many compliments throughout the night. I felt great in the dress, and that’s what matters most! I loved it so much I would actually consider renting it again! So it’s safe to say that I highly recommend the Nicole Miller Black Venice Dress from Rent the Runway.  🙂


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