#tbt to Me and My Opa

For some reason I don’t seem to have my junior or senior high school photo on my computer, so you’ll just have to guess what I looked like in those years. ย ๐Ÿ˜› When I was at home for my high school reunion a couple weeks ago I went through old photo albums and snapped pics of a whole bunch of photos. So this Throwback Thursday I’m sharing a photo of me as an infant, being held by my Opa (grandfather), Walter:


At the time of my birth, Opa was already 77 years old (he was born in 1901 in Germany), and went on to live for nearlyย another 30 ย yearsโ€”he died at the age of 106. !!! When I found this pic in an album I had to share it because it’s just so adorable; Opa looks thrilled to be holding his first grandchild. My Opa may be gone but the name lives on, because my nieces now call my dad Opa. ย โค



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