Friday Five

This week’s Friday Five will be brief because I’m currently in St. Louis for my 20th high school reunion weekend!

1. Spring Caribbean Friday Night Dinner: last week we went to our third FND at the Natural Gourmet Institute, and it was so delicious (and beautiful) yet again!


2. TONYMOLY Shiny Foot: with summer approaching, I wanted to try one of these foot peel thingies I’ve been hearing about. Baby Foot is the product that everyone’s talking about, but I also read that TONYMOLY’s Shiny Foot (“super peeling liquid”…ew) is a comparable product at a lower price—less than $10. I will be trying this stuff out next week!


3. Andalou Naturals Sheet Masks: these were on sale for $3.99 apiece at Whole Foods earlier this week, so of course I bought two of them (brightening and age defying)!


4. Fuller Place: the cutest block in all of Brooklyn is right in my own neighborhood, Windsor Terrace. And it’s even prettier in the spring when all the trees and flowers are in bloom!


5. Spring in St. Louis: this is the view out my bedroom window at my parents’ house. Everything is so lush and green right now. Gorgeous!





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