#tbt to Fifth Grade

This week’s Throwback Thursday is my school photo from fifth grade, so it was taken in 1988 or 1989.

5thGradeThose light blue translucent glasses that were too big for my face!  That splatter paint t-shirt! That silvery scrunchie that matched the silver splatter on my shirt!

I actually made that shirt myself; back in the day there was this splatter paint store (I believe it was located in a Creve Coeur or Town & Country strip mall) where you could pick out a t-shirt and the staff would mount it on this splatter paint wheel. Then you got to choose the colors you wanted to splatter your shirt with, and they’d throw the paint on the wheel and spin it around…et voilà: a splatter paint tee. Did any of you have one of these these places in your town? These shirts were OH SO COOL in St. Louis at the time, at least in my school. I mean, look how amazing I was.  😛


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