Happy Blog Anniversary to Me

First_Birthday_Candle_Cupcake-310x310This post will be a quick one: today marks one year since my first post on this little ol’ blog! I kicked off my personal blog with a post about an organic beauty bag that I won in a raffle, and this post is my 130th! That means I’ve averaged 2.8 posts per week over the last year—not too shabby.

I’d like to mention that I did a bit of blog reorganization last week. You can now browse through my post categories in the main menu up top. If you’re interested in reading my posts about subscription boxes you can also do so via the main menu. My subscription box posts are interspersed throughout the Categories drop down as well (e.g., Stitch Fix is in “Style”), but I figured I’d put up a second way to find them. I hope these changes help you navigate my blog a bit better!

Thank you so much for reading, and here’s to many more years of blog posts to come!




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