Stella & Dot: New Year, New Haul


Near the end of December I received an email from Stella & Dot informing me that it was time to use my Dot Dollars* that I’d earned from my first order. I wear the pieces from that order all the time, so I couldn’t say no to this offer! I ended up ordering four items, which I’ll do a little show and tell about now.

As I mentioned the first time around, Stella & Dot’s packaging is just so damn cute:

Stella & Dot Jewelry The boxes have little notes like “hello gorgeous” and “you are fabulous” printed on them. Why thank you, you’re not too bad yourself!  🙂

As you can tell from the above photo, I ordered a necklace and a bracelet. I also ordered a ring and an earring trio, which are hiding inside those adorable boxes. Let’s take a look at the pieces up close. First up is the Aurora Drop Necklace ($34):

Aurora Drop Necklace - Stella & Dot

This necklace is quite delicate with a bit of sparkle, which is exactly my jewelry style. Bonus: this is one of Stella & Dot’s “Versatile” pieces, which means that you can wear it more than one way. You can either put the necklace on with the pavé pieces facing outward or inward…neato, huh?

Aurora Drop Necklace - Stella & Dot

Here’s how the necklace looks on me with the pavé side facing out:

Aurora Drop Necklace - Stella & Dot

Spotty chest and all.

Next is the Pavé Wishing Bracelet in silver ($19). I tend to wear gold jewelry but I do actually like both gold and silver (my engagement ring is white gold, my preference for such a meaningful item). With this order I decided to incorporate more silver pieces into my jewelry arsenal.

Pave Wishing Bracelet in Silver - Stella & Dot

The wishing bracelet, again, is delicate with a hint of sparkle, and though Stella & Dot doesn’t call it a versatile piece, you can actually wear this with either the sparkly or the smooth side facing outward. Here’s how it looks both ways, paired with my Aldo Prewen howlite bead bracelet**.

Pave Wishing Bracelet in Silver - Stella & Dot

My new wishing bracelet will be great on its own or worn with other bracelets for a fun arm party (um…I kind of hate that I just used that term, but there it is).  🙂

I also picked out a silver ring for myself: the Gemini Ring ($29) in size S/M. I didn’t even realize until just now that I had ordered a ring named after my own astrological sign. It’s fate!

Gemini Ring - Stella & Dot

Please excuse my dry skin, torn cuticles, and chipping nail polish (okay…my hands are a winter disaster) in the below photo. At least the ring looks good!

Gemini Ring - Stella & Dot

Last but not least, I ordered the Aurora Stud Pack, a trio of silver earrings ($29). I have a few pairs of studs but have been feeling like I could use more variety, so this pack is perfect for me:

Aurora Stud Pack in Silver - Stella & Dot

I didn’t get any pics of me wearing these studs, but they’re all pretty small and subtle enough for everyday. Two of the pairs have enough sparkle to work with a dressier outfit.

I’m very happy with my purchases and can’t wait to start wearing them out and about! What makes it even better is that I didn’t spend a fortune on this jewelry haul. My pre-tax and shipping total would have been $111, but my $50 in Dot Dollars brought my subtotal down to $61. Then with tax and shipping, my total came out to $72.89. For the four items, that’s an average of $18.22 apiece; when you take into account the fact that the earring pack includes three pairs, my per-piece average decreases to $12.15. I’d call that an amazing deal!

My Stella & Dot stylist is a friend named Lauren, and if you click here you can browse all the goodies available on her site. You too can become a Stella & Dot stylist and earn commission by hosting in-person or online trunk shows; if you sign up to become a stylist this January it will cost you $199 and you’ll get $450 in accessories (normally they send you $350 worth).

*What are Dot Dollars?

Basically, for every $50 you spend on during a certain date range you get $25 Dot Dollars. Then a couple weeks after that period ends, Stella & Dot sends you promo codes to redeem your Dot Dollars. They only give a limited amount of time in which you can use the codes (typically less than a week) but if you’ve earned more than one code you can redeem them all in one order—unlike most website that won’t let you combine offers. The only catch is that you have to spend at least $50 pre-tax to use a $25 code (so at least $100 to use two $25 codes, and so on)…and a few items on the site are excluded from the offer. If you’re a jewelry fanatic and Stella & Dot is up your style alley, I highly recommend taking advantage of Dot Dollars!

**Howlite is a semi-precious stone that is supposed to have calming, soothing properties…so that’s why I bought the bracelet.


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