My First Stella & Dot Order!


Maybe you’ve heard of Stella & Dot or know one of their stylists? I first heard of them awhile back and did a bit of browsing on the website but didn’t actually order anything. When a friend from high school recently posted a link to her Stella & Dot site I decided to take the plunge and order some goodies for myself…so of course I’m going to share them with you here!

First of all, the packaging gets an A+ in the cute department:


That pale fabric you see the boxes sitting on is the Westwood Trellis Scarf. At the time that my friend posted about S&D, the scarf (normally priced at $59) was only $14.99 if you spent more than $50. Well, I definitely spent $50+, so the scarf was quite a steal for me! Looks like they possibly only have it in a dove grey color now, but the one I got is a pale, dusty mauve with a subtle gold print. I like that it’s neutral but has a bit of shine, so it’ll go with everything and dress up outfits a touch without being overly fancy.

Westwood Trellis Scarf - Stella & Dot

The scarf is very pretty, and will be a fun accessory to have as we get into NYC winter (ugh, go away, winter). Please pardon my wet hair and post-shower shiny moisturized face as I model the scarf (and even though you can’t really tell, I confess that I forgot to was too lazy to put on a bra):

Westwood Trellis Scarf - Stella & Dot

Those are some of my orchids in the background!

Also, S&D has a video showing 10 ways to tie a scarf, which I just watched to get some tips. I’m generally very boring with my scarf tying, as you can see above, and I’d like to experiment with more interesting styling!

My next piece is something you may have spotted in the scarf pic above: the Artisan Stretch Bracelets ($49):

Artisan Stretch Bracelets - Stella & Dot

Honestly, this bracelet trio had me at labradorite—it’s my favorite stone and I’m powerless when faced with it. The bracelets also have a mixture of aqua amazonite, wood, and metal beads in varying colors and textures. I love these bracelets! Bonus points for being stretchy, because my wrists are stupid small and bracelets that aren’t stretchy or adjustable are often too big on me (that’s not meant to be some sort of annoying humblebrag; it’s simply the truth). These work quite well on me size-wise.

Artisan Stretch Bracelets - Stella & Dot

My third and final piece? The Pavé Chevron Ring ($29). The chevron trend is still going strong, and I love that this piece looks like three delicate stacking rings but it’s actually just one ring—so, fewer things to worry about losing while washing your hands!

Pavé Chevron Ring - Stella & Dot

I ordered the smaller of the two sizes and hoped that it would fit at least one finger on my right hand. Lo and behold, it works perfectly on my middle finger—my favorite, for obvious reasons.  I’m a New Yorker, whaddya want from me?  😛

Pavé Chevron Ring - Stella & Dot

I should probably do my nails before Thanksgiving, eh?

All in all I spent about $106, including tax and $5.95 flat rate shipping. The jewelry is more expensive than what I usually buy (excepting my very occasional Melissa Joy Manning purchase, and even then I can only afford her stuff when it’s on sale). What I typically buy is cheap crap at H&M or Forever 21 that eventually turns green or falls apart. I figure if I can spend a little more on jewelry that feels like much better quality, why the hell not? I’m very happy with all three of my purchases, and I’m sure I’ll be going back to Stella & Dot for more…likely sooner rather than later, because they’re already running a Black Friday deal through November 29th where you can get up to 50% off:


Uh-oh.  😛

The website also has something called Dot Dollars where spending money earns you dollars that you can then redeem on their site. Through December 15th, you get $25 Dot Dollars for every $50 you spend. Then on December 29th they’ll email you a promo code that you can use to redeem your Dot Dollars. So I’ve already earned $25 that I can spend on future orders of $50 or more. Gotta love these loyalty programs…they really hook you!

So my friend’s name is Lauren, and I’m sure she would be very appreciative if you order some Stella & Dot goodies from her site using any of the links in this post! You can also fill out a form on her site to get her styling advice for an upcoming occasion or whatnot.

Have you ever ordered from Stella & Dot? If so, what did you pick out for yourself (or gift to someone else)?



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