Rent the Runway: 3 for 1 Thanksgiving Special!


I know I only posted about Rent the Runway for the first time yesterday, but I wanted to let you know that RTR has a special offer on tap to help you show up in style all Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving isn’t just about one day of stuffing yourself with turkey (tofurkey and veggie sides in my case!)—it’s also about visiting with family and friends, and sometimes that involves coming up with an outfit or (several) that makes you look and feel great.

To help ensure that you look fabulous even while shoveling food in your face, Rent the Runway is giving you the ability to rent three items for the price of one! Just use the code 3FOR12015 at checkout for November 18 – 25 delivery dates and you’ll be able to rent three dresses, handbags, coats, tops and more — for the price of one!

Offer: Get 3 Rent the Runway outfits for the price of one for your Thanksgiving festivities
Valid: Now through 11/25
Code: 3FOR12015
Promo details: Price will be for the item of highest value; rentals must be for delivery dates between 11/18-11/25; Promo expires 11/25; Rentals cannot be combined or placed with existing orders; back-up size is included in the total.

In the past I’ve had high school reunions over Thanksgiving weekend (not this year), but if I did I’d definitely rent something fun to wear. Okay, so if I did have a reunion to attend next week, three pieces I’d be eyeing for the various festivities would be…

Erin Erin Fetherston Dark Floral Top:







Diane Von Furstenberg Blue Purdy Jumpsuit








Nanette Lapore Romantics Tank







Speaking of high school reunions, my 20 year is coming up next May (WHAAATTTT?!?!) so I’ll be on the lookout for rental pieces a few months from now.  🙂

Even though I don’t really have any dress-up events lined up for Thanksgiving this weekend, I’m still considering renting some stuff because this deal is seriously too good!


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