Homebrewed Kombucha: Batch Two!

I just bottled our second homemade batch of kombucha made with our Kombucha Brooklyn home brew super kit, and it’s a great one! This batch fermented for ten days, and it has a nice bready aroma. It’s more sour than our first batch (which is all gone, BTW!), but in a good way. And man…look at this fucking SCOBY:

photo 1-14That is a serious blob symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast right there! Here it is in hand:

photo 2-14And here it is in a jar with 1.5 cups of our freshly brewed kombucha, to be used as a starter for our next batch:

photo 3-7I feel like if you drew eyes and a toothy mouth on the SCOBY, it’d look like one of my all-time favorite movie monsters, Belial (aka Basket Case).

Bc_4The resemblance is striking, really. If my husband and I are one day found torn to shreds in our apartment, please inform the police that they should consider the SCOBY to be the main suspect.

Now I simply must post my favorite clip from Basket Case. I feel compelled to watch this clip at least once a quarter; it’s just that good.

Back to the kombucha! Like our first batch, I flavored two bottles using the blueberry ginger flavoring that came in our kit, and I left the rest unflavored.

photo 4-3We’ll let these guys go through secondary fermentation for a few days and then stick them in the fridge and start drinking them. Yum!

UPDATE: Thanks to my husband’s Photoshop skills, we now have this amazing Basket SCOBY image to cherish, and it is pretty much the best thing ever.



2 thoughts on “Homebrewed Kombucha: Batch Two!

    • Excellent question. He might calm down—the probiotics could make him feel better. Maybe he’s just angry all the time because he has tummy issues?


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