Friday Five

Today is the 15th anniversary of my move to New York City (!!!), so in honor of my anniversary, I’m going to list five things that characterized my early time here in the city.

1. DTUT: when I first moved here, my boyfriend (at the time) and I stayed with his brother on the Upper East Side, at E. 83rd Street and 1st Avenue. It took a few months for me to find a job, so in the meantime I spent A LOT of time hanging out at a nearby coffeeshop, DTUT. Back then the place was located on 2nd Avenue near E. 84th Street (it’s since moved a few blocks north). The place was very cozy and filled with lots of lounge chairs and couches. I’d go in the morning and get either a bagel and cream cheese or a quiche, and of course coffee. Then I’d spend about three hours sitting there reading, writing in my journal, reading the newspaper, and doing crossword puzzles. Mind you, this was in 2001 and 2002 and I didn’t have a smartphone to entertain myself with (though I think I had a laptop then…I honestly can’t even remember). I have such fond memories of all the analog time I spent there.


Photo from Pinterest

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Introducing My Etsy Shop: Zoe Walter Candles

Happy December! On this first day of the month in which the holiday season really kicks in, I’m excited to announce that I have opened a handmade soy candle shop on Etsy called Zoe Walter Candles! Where did the shop name come from? Well, I pretty much pulled a Brick Tamland “I Love Lamp” by looking around and deciding to use the names of our two cats, Zoe and Walter.  :)


Handmade soy wax candles solidifying

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Sephora VIB 20% Off Sale Haul

The annual 20% off sale for Sephora VIB members is one of the best online sales ever! This beauty geek gets so excited each time one of these sales rolls around. Sephora doesn’t generally hold sitewide sales for the general public, so these few-and-far-between Beauty Insider discounts are a great opportunity to stock up on beauty goodies while you can.

I didn’t spend a whole lot on the 15% off VIB sale this past spring, but this time around I was ready and waiting to give Sephora my money. Because the sale runs for a few days and they allow you to place multiple orders, I actually took advantage of the sale twice…so I got quite a haul compared to my last one.  🙂


A peek at my November VIB sale goodies!

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Friday Five: Thanksgiving Edition

Greetings from St. Louis! This week’s Friday Five is all about our lovely Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house yesterday.

1. Beautiful Centerpiece: my mom picked out this colorful, cheery centerpiece for the dinner table.

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Friday Five

1. Secret Wood: my husband recently surprised me with a VERY cool handmade ring from this Vancouver company. This particular design is called Enchanted Forest, and I love it! It really does look like there’s a tiny forest inside the ring, with snow on the ground and sparkly, starry skies.

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Birchbox: November 2016

My November 2016 Birchbox arrived last Saturday—the same day that I received my latest Stitch Fix—so it almost felt like my birthday! I badly needed a pick-me-up after the election results, but it’s taken me a while to muster up the motivation to write about my new samples.

I absolutely love the November 2016 Birchbox design; I’m such a sucker for dainty floral and botanical patterns!

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Stitch Fix: November 2016 Review

My latest Stitch Fix arrived this past Saturday—a few days early—to brighten my mood after the dreadful election outcome last week (#ugh #notoverit). This Fix is number sixteen for me; my calculator tells me that means I’ve received 80 items total from Stitch Fix since I first signed up (though I haven’t kept every single piece)!

My box came filled with seasonally appropriate shades, patterns, and textures:

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Friday NOPE

After the results of Tuesday’s election, I’m so disgusted that I can’t bring myself to do a proper Friday Five this week…but I do feel compelled to briefly share my opinion about what happened.

I know that I live in a little liberal Brooklyn bubble, but I’m still gobsmacked by how many people decided to cast their vote for a bigoted narcissist who gives zero fucks about anyone but himself and is wholly unqualified to run this country.

A vote for Trump is a vote that condones racism, xenophobia, misogyny, sexual assault, hypocrisy, hate, white supremacy (hey, remember that time the KKK endorsed Trump and he didn’t bother to denounce them?), fearmongering, climate change denial, and so much more. Great job, America. Great fucking job.

It’s 2016; we should be better than this but we clearly have a very, very long way to go.


I Voted!

Election Day 2016 is here, and I proudly cast my vote for Hillary Clinton this morning. I sort of wish I had bought a Nasty Woman shirt for the occasion, but at least I wore blue.



Even though it can be a pain in the ass to vote when lines are long and you’re busy, I hope you go out and exercise your right today!

If you haven’t seen the hilarious celebrity-filled Funny or Die video “Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got To Vote)”, now’s a good time to watch it. Let’s not elect that orange talking STD to oversee our country—I’m not even going to get into all the ways he’s wrong for the job!


Friday Five

1. Please vote next Tuesday! I don’t usually talk politics here, but it’s SO important that you vote on November 8. This campaign has been a ridiculous shitshow and now it’s time for all of us to cast our votes for the person we believe is most qualified to be our next president. Don’t be lazy or assume your vote won’t matter in your state; exercise your right as an American and let your voice be heard! NOTE: you must go to your polling location in person to vote…contrary to rumors out there, you cannot vote via text message. If you’re unsure where to go to vote, a simple Google search will turn up several links where you can input your address to find your polling location. Plus, after you vote you’ll (probably) get an “I Voted” sticker and who doesn’t love those?  :P

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