Friday Five

1. Easy Vegetarian Ramen: my husband and I were both a little under the weather last weekend so on Sunday I made us a hearty, soothing batch of vegetarian ramen using this recipe from A Couple Cooks. I used bok choy as the greens, and for a little extra flavor I threw in a packet of Kikkoman tofu-spinach miso dried soup mix that we’ve had in our cupboard forever. I omitted the radishes and sweet peppers, but we both really liked this soup and thought it was a very good first homemade ramen effort!


I promise there are ramen noodles buried underneath!

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Birchbox: October 2016

My October 2016 Birchbox arrived a little earlier in the month than usual, so that was a nice surprise. I opened the shipping package to find this pretty, fall colors-inspired design inside:

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Friday Five

1. Sheet Masks! Yes, I bought more. No, I probably won’t stop using sheet masks any time soon. HauteLook had another K-beauty sale in late August, so I bought a five-pack of SOO AE The Cure Collagen Essence Mask Pearl ($12; I can’t seem to find a reliable link to buy these online, not even on the brand’s website) and a five-pack of Goodal Orchid Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Mask ($15) because ORCHIDS.

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Wyoming and Colorado Vacation Recap, Part 3

As promised, this is my third and final recap from our recent vacation! In case you missed them, here are links to part one and part two. (Also, I’m cheating and making this my #tbt for the week.)

We went straight from our drive through Rocky Mountain National Park to our bed and breakfast, Romantic Riversong, which was located (duh) by a river at the end of a rocky road. We were treated to coffee and cookies in the main house while we checked in, and then the innkeeper showed us to our suite, Cowboy’s Delight:

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Wyoming and Colorado Vacation, Part 2

I originally planned to split our vacation recap into two blog posts, but I’ve decided to turn it into three because after five wonderful nights in Jackson Hole, we spent three days moseying our way on down to Estes Park, Colorado so there’s plenty to talk about. We could have done the drive in one day, but we decided to split it up, take our time, and see some sights along the way.

We started off on a foggy morning in Teton Village and headed south through Wyoming. We drove out of the fog and into a lot of ranch land that looked like this:


So many cows.

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Wyoming and Colorado Vacation Recap: Part 1


Teton Village, Wyo.

As per usual, I took hundreds of photos on our vacation and had to spend some time culling them down to the best of the best so that I could share them here in a recap! Because we went away for two weeks and I have a lot to talk about, I’ve decided to split my vacation recap into two parts: one for our time in Wyoming and one for our time in Colorado. Don’t get me wrong; these will still be long posts, but I hope you enjoy!

We began our trip by flying from LaGuardia to Denver and then from Denver to Jackson, Wyoming. We rented a Lincoln SUV, which we promptly dubbed Andrew Abraham Lincoln, and headed on over to our hotel in Teton Village, about a 30 minute drive from the airport. The drive took us right on through Grand Teton National Park. Even though it was mid-September, neither of us had expected to see leaves turning colors, but there they were: bright yellow aspens!

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Friday Five: Vacation Edition, Part 2

I’m still basking in the post-vacation glow, so this week I’m sharing five more things from our vacation.

1. Wild Huckleberry Milk Chocolate Candy Bar: we hadn’t even made it to Wyoming before I bought this! I got it at the Denver airport during our layover before flying to Jackson. I’m a total sucker for anything huckleberry flavored!

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#tbt to Grand Teton National Park

Is two weeks too soon to do a Throwback Thursday? Nah!

Now that I’ve had a few days after vacation to settle back into real life, I’m able to go back through my photos for wonderful memories! This week I’m throwing back to our first hike of the trip: a hike to Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park that had amazing views of the mountain range.


The weather was absolutely perfect for a hike—sunny, clear, and warm but not too warm. As you can see I had to strip my shell off, but I didn’t need to take any additional layers off beyond that.

Stay tuned for a vacation recap coming soon…

31 Days of Horror: Take Two

Last year I challenged myself to watch one horror movie every day in October, and I succeeded. I’m fresh off a two-day stay at the Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King to write The Shining, so I’m in full-on on horror movie mode right now, and seeing as how I thoroughly enjoyed my first take on the challenge I’m going to repeat it this year! We are still on vacation and just now I went to watch something on Netflix on my laptop in our hotel room, but the true horror is that Netflix is currently down. AGH!! Hopefully they will get it back up and running again soon. My plan is to kick off the month with The Houses October Built, which was one of my early October horror picks last year. I thought it was surprisingly inventive and creepy, so it definitely bears a re-watch.


Stay tuned for an update with the full list of movies I’ve watched once the challenge has ended!

Friday Five: Vacation Edition

We’re still on vacation through the weekend but I wanted to briefly share five photos from some of the places we’ve seen so far!

1. Grand Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming


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